Launch Date:
Ringier Axel Springer
27 October, 2021


The Ark was written in English by American author, John Lynch who lives in Krakow for more than 25 years. Since the author considers Poland his ‘home market’ he made the rather unconventional decision to launch the Polish translation first, with Ringier Axel Springer (RAS), Central Europe’s largest publisher. Lynch has retained full rights to the original, English version; RAS only acquired the Polish rights for ARKA.

In-pack Promotion with Forbes. During the December gift season, Forbes is offering ARKA throughout Poland in airports, BP petrol stations, rail stations, and assorted newsstands.

Polish Reader Reviews. Empik and ‘Lubimyczytac’ are two of the most important Polish book portals with reviews and book ratings. Arka is currently rated 4,9 / 5 and 7.4 / 10 respectively by readers.

More Facts from the Polish Launch

The leading Polish book chain, EMPIK placed large pre-order; ARKA is in all 270 stores in Poland, including end-aisle displays in key locations.

Opening week, ARKA ranked #12 on the Empik Best Selling Thrillers list.
Combined, over 300 people came to the ARKA Book launch events in Krakow (Sheraton) and Warsaw (Marriott)

ARKA has received dozens of reviews in the Polish press, overwhelmingly majority were positive

All-important ‘Empik Reader Reviews’ have ranked ARKA 4.9 / 5.0. The widely respected reader-review site (‘Lubimy czytac’ – “we like to read”) rates ARKA 7.4 /10.

In November, author was featured on #1 ONET morning show with a leading Polish TV journalist (over 500,000 daily viewers)

Reviews and positive press coverage in Newsweek, Forbes, ONET Women, Polish Radio, Business Insider, Warsaw Insider and dozens of literature portals.

RAS promotion. ARKA has been promoted widely in the press, magazines, and even on the busiest intersection in Warsaw, at the Central Rail station.

A small run of the English version of The Ark was self-published by the author, for family, friends and the local English-speaking expatriate community in Poland.


#1 Polish Book Retailer Empik is carrying ARKA in all 270 stores

Empik readers currently rate ARKA 4.9 / 5

Empik supporting sales of ARKA with in store end-aisle displays and promotions.

Author Lynch was the main guest on one of Poland’s top morning TV
shows, ONET Rano.

Three main launch events in Warsaw, Krakow and Wieliczka in November drew more than 300 readers, apparently anxious to get out of the house for a live event after Covid burnout.

ARKA has been widely reviewed, not only by readers but by traditional and online press. Reviews have been overwhelmingly favorable – and available to see on