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26/11/20217 / 10 Foreign… Hello, hello are there any fans of crime fiction, economics and law? Perheps someone is curious about a crime story different


28/11/2021 10 / 10 I recommend, recommend and once again any time! Super book, fun to read, the plot keeps you in suspense. Worth reading,


28/11/2021 10 / 10 Dope debut 🙂 Fun to read, engages you in to the max. I’m waiting for other books by this author.


28/11/2021 10 / 10 On the shelves: Read ‘The Ark’ by John Lynch has everything a good thriller needs: an interesting plot, rising suspension, uncertainty


29/11/2021 Rating:  9 / 10 Fabulous book title! Keeps you in suspense, very good read. Perfect for a Christmas gift😉.


02/12/2021 Rating:  9 / 10 Read, Favourite, Owned, Reviewed, Perfect for a Gift, Do you like crime and sensation novels inspired by true events? How


03/12/2021 It keeps you in suspense and really intrigues. A book that has been inspired by true events in the crime genre is a real


05/12/2021 Reportedly, there is nothing more boring than finances. I know something about it, because for a dozen or so years I’ve been bravely wading


07/12/2021 A novel that keeps you in suspense bringing Poland and the United States together. A quick and light read. It’s particularly good when you’re

Bartosz Szafran

09/12/2021 John Lynch is certainly aware of business, the nuances of the financial world and economic dependencies. He has spent most of his life building