7 / 10


Hello, hello are there any fans of crime fiction, economics and law? Perheps someone is curious about a crime story different from all the others, where financial crimes call the tune?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! John Lynch in his debut takes us on a journey through the world of business and fashion. To a world more brutal than it may seem. On the one hand, we meet Fernando, whose greed and ego are off the scale, and whose stupidity and inconsiderateness are not far behind. On the other hand, we meet Truman, who, in the name of family values, has abandoned his career in the U.S. and has come to Poland to save the family business. After the crisis he takes a loan from the Ark, Fernando’s fund, and this is the beginning of our story.

A story full of interesting people, extreme emotions, international intrigues and chases. I have really enjoyed the character of FBI agent Faith Osborne and regret that there has been so little about her. Despite a fair amount of economics, during which I have been glad that I have had some classes on the subject in college, this book reads very lightly. The story engages you, and page after page we are immersed into a story that refuses to leave us until the last sentence. It has not been insignificant to me that the story is taken from the author’s experiences, which gives the story some credibility. This has been my first detective story where I have not chased, along with the characters, the murderer, and I can say that I hope it won’t be the last.