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‘The Ark’ is a brilliant debut by an American author. Recently, I’ve been lucky with very successful literary debuts lately. In this book, the author describes a very readable story that is inspired by true events. In my opinion, it has been crafted very well and the story works well. A unique plot, the title would indicate a million and one connections, but it would rather not occur to anyone that it could be about investment funds.

Finances are not very interesting and juicy, I have worked many years as an accountant, so I know something about it, but here it is very interestingly connected, that you read with pleasure and interest. I am very comfy with this reading, especially that I have chosen this book for myself from the web site at

‘The smash of Fernando’s glass smashing against the picture of Truman Chase’s face projected on the wall snapped both lieutenants out of their reverie. – How many times do I have to remind you, guys? Now that I’m the majority owner of the Ark, there’s only one way I’m going to… – There’s only one way to maximise the value of our fund: to squeeze every last cent out of every company in our portfolio. And that can’t be done without a little bloodshed.’

This is a thriller keeping you at the edge of your seat that shows the involvements of financial documents and court records in our courts. It reads very well and smoothly, until finally, you don’t want to put it down. The game is about a very high stakes and the very existence of a fashion company in Cracow, whose after being in business (for 10 years) after the fall of communism suddenly is on the line.

Investment funds and stock exchanges are a very complicated machine, which enables some to reach the heights of wealth, while pushing others to the brink of bankruptcy. The rules of the game are not always fair. Manipulation, corruption, fraud and clever tricks of opponents are of importance. Takeovers of companies are the order of the day and the illegal siphoning off large sums of money from them are also actions aimed at depriving entrepreneurs of financial liquidity.

There are many twists in the plot of ‘The Ark’ which makes the book very engaging. One wrong decision in a company can have very disastrous consequences, so be wary. In my opinion, the entire plot and characters as well as the twists of the plot are very well thought out by the author.

What’s more, I hope that this will not be the end of John Lynch’s work and we will still hear about him and read another novel. I recommend it, as it is worth it. Thank you to the web site for the opportunity to read this book.