20-12-2021 at 17:27

The financial world including mutual funds, stock exchanges, shares…. is a complicated machine, that makes some people exorbitantly rich, and the others bankrupt? These mechanisms are not governed by fair rules, but by wiliness, manipulation, corruption and fraud. Hostile takeovers of companies and the siphoning off large sums of money are the actions of a Puerto Rican – Fernando Tomasi, who also does business in Eastern Europe.

The FBI and the Securities Exchange Commission are hard on his heels, but he continues to act tough and callously. It is a big game, with big millions at stake and the existence of a certain Truman Chase’s clothing company in Cracow, whose 10-year operation in the market after the fall of communism hangs in the balance.

This is an excellent novel where the actions have gathered so much speed that the strain has left neither the main characters nor all the more me by the end of the novel. I have admired Truman for being literally ‘up against the wall’ and being able to control his emotions in such a way – it’s a great art to run a company and act despite enormous stress and numerous threats. The consequences of the courage to take the risk of incurring debts, you will learn in depth on the example of his company.

The author also strongly emphasises that not only the actions of lawyers are very helpful here, but also the loyalty of employees is extremely important, without whom even the smallest business has no opportunity for even a mini success.

What have they done?

I refer you to the reading. 👍 I won’t reveal anything more, because you have to read this novel, which has such a thriller and sensation nature that it will be ‘unputdownable’ for you.