Honorata Jamroży

21-12-2021 at 19:01;

John Lynch and his ‘The Ark’ is a kind of professional career and life autobiography of the author. Reading this book, you have the impression that you are in the middle of formation a company. We know very well that in order to stand out and make a name for yourself in a certain industry you need a lot of sacrifice.

Sometimes owners of the companies, not wanting to lose them, forfeit their families, savings, health. Sometimes they also enter into strange financial arrangements, with unknown consequences. Our hero, a resilient young American, comes to Poland through his family connections.

Poland is still in the post-communist dullness and there is a field for endeavours for the artistic fashion soul to show off. The colours and new cuts are quickly accepted by the Polish women of all ages. For the purpose of expanding, the company has had to take out loans, and that’s when Truman’s roller-coaster ride begins. A man who trusts others blindly ends up with a big ‘money-scumbag’ who likes to live at other people’s expense and is very unfair to all his co-workers and contractors.

Fernando conducts very dodgy ventures in different countries, when he is on top, he falls into haughtiness, and when something is not to his liking, he does whatever it takes to achieve its goal.

In real life it often happens that people have to fight for their own, so as not to lose what they have. Many times, we see that when we have money, our so-called friends are with us, we have many acquaintances, we play with them, but when we stumble and lose a lot, they turn away from us, every day there are less and less of them around. They claim that they don’t have time, that something has fallen out and finally we are left alone.

In this story it is different, the main character in a very difficult moment for him does not lose his friends and best collaborators, they are with him to the very end. Nevertheless, it shows that there are people you can count on and that you are not alone in your misery. The theme of religiosity and faith is also nicely interwoven.

Neither of the main characters are very religious persons, but when the most difficult moment comes, they remember prayers they have learned in their childhood, they want to pray to their patron saints that fate favors them. I have to say that the beginning is not easy, but halfway through it starts to ‘rivets you’ and the reader becomes impatient, thinking what will happen next, will they succeed in defeating evil.

In general, I highly recommend the book. If someone wants to start his/her own business, this book will either encourage or scare away for good, it all depends on persistence of a person.