12-2021 at 15:12;

Do you like crime and sensation novels inspired by true events? How about the fact that ‘The Ark’ is inspired by events from the author’s life?

For me, it’s the screamer. I am fond of novels like this. Let me just add that this is a debut. As for me, very successful. This is a very strong and difficult book title. What can arise from the combination of fashion and finance? Real big trouble – ‘The Ark’. John Lynch has created the work of his life. Despite its length it is a quick read. An excellent international story.

Out of the whole novel, I dislike the most the character – Fernando. A dodgy, slimy man who does shady international business. Such people should be shot. They are the ones behind the collapses of multi-generational family businesses. They are the ones who relish the failure of others. They take over companies an unfair manner. Our Fernando, in order to save his investment fund ‘the Ark’, is trying to take over another family company? Will another company breakdown because of him?

Another character is Truman Chase. He is an American fashion designer. In order to save the family business – his uncle’s clothing company – he comes to Poland. Will he improve its condition? Or will the business fail? Will Truman and his family’s life be in danger? What does ‘the Ark’ investment fund have to do with all this?

As you probably already know I dig reading debut books. I love catching gems. ‘The Ark’ have not disappointed me. A perfect novel for financiers and persons having their own businesses. Be careful who you stick with. May you never meet a man like Fernando.

My favorite character from the whole novel is FBI agent Faith Osborne. The girl is very brave. We should follow her example. We should have people like her among our friends. There is an enormous strength inside of her. Can the wrong people and a failing business drive a person to the extreme? We know from our life experience that they can.

And how is this resolved in ‘The Ark’? Fernando is very greedy and cash ravenous. Truman will do anything for his family. Read what money and debt can do to a person. They are willing to do anything to get money.

John Lynch touches a very important and difficult subject, which we can face in the real life. When we establish our own business, we have to keep our eyes and ears wide open, so that we don’t meet people like Fernando on our way.

Big applause for the author. He has done a great job. The compelling plot, quite good action, various characters and specific business language make it impossible to pass by ‘The Ark’ indifferently. Be sure to read it. I recommend it with all my heart.

P.S. I am waiting for the next book of this author.