Rating: 7 / 10;

Truman Chase, an American fashion designer, comes to Poland to save his family’s clothing business. When things have begun to go well for him in his love and professional life, Fernando appears on his path. He is dangerous, and eventually decides to take over the already successful company owned by Truman.

If you find yourself in the world of investments, finance and enterprises then this book is definitely for you. It’s a great source of knowledge about business combined with a criminal plot, which together gives a really good effect.

I’m always eager to read debuts and so it was this time, in particular since in my professional life I touch the world of finance, as well as study this subject. The book shows us the ruthless world of finance, a story about a business that can ruin anyone.

The author provides us with many twists of plot, making the book impossible to put down. One wrong decision can finally have tragic consequences. The entire plot, characters and twists of actions are very well thought out. I think this is a really successful debut that is worth reaching for. I hope that John Lynch will not stop with ‘The Ark’ and will offer us another brilliant literature.