17-12-2021 at 20:39;

‘The Ark’. This title may evoke many associations, but would you think it would refer to the name of a mutual fund? Well, that’s probably not the case, but in this book that’s exactly what it appears to be.

And what is it about? Well, about finances, about funds, including investment funds, and as a whole you would think many people would get lost, but fortunately the author has ensured that this is not the case and although at the beginning the plot flows at a snail’s gallop, I have even had the impression that it was lingering on, it is picking up steam and as it grows it draws you more and more into this world.

Also, the fact that the plot is based on some facts from the author’s own life makes it easy to read and hard to break off. As for a debut, it’s a great spine-chiller and very unusual, and what’s even stranger is that the cover doesn’t at all spell what’s inside. This definitely speaks to the saying that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Do I recommend it – highly! Firstly, because it’s worth supporting debut authors and, in the same way, finding new authors for yourself and getting to know their work as their writing craft develops. And second of all, because it is a thriller that is unusual, unconventional and just simply good.