Hot book. A new genre: business thriller.

Legal ones have already been and have been very gripping. ‘The Ark’ is for entrepreneurs and in spe. It is not easy for people outside the business scene to understand how the daily life of a businessman can look like and how proppy the law is in the absence of ethics. How easy it is to manipulate and interpret minor acts, building on them unimaginable legal and financial constructions. That who has failed to get in touch with it, will not understand it.

You read that you cannot be thrown away. Certainly, there are funny moments and even interpretative ones … for example, when the muscular author is flexing and coming by … but the very sense of the story strikes with the information: ‘man, this can happen to you’.

You will never be able to take care of the details because that is not what you are involved in. It’s the vision that counts. But be careful … the real gone book, I recommend it to all on both sides of the business scene that is official and legal creators and controllers.